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Bible Prophecy Question & Answers #2

Marquis tackles more questions about the Rapture and Bible prophecy....

Bible Prophecy Question & Answers #1

This show covers popular questions and answers to listener comments on the Rapture and End Times Bible Prophecy.

The Rapture Part #3 What Jesus Said

Marquis examines 21 things Jesus said about the rapture and His return in chronological order.

The Rapture Part #2! The Timing of The Rapture

What does the Bible say about the timing of the Rapture? Is it really what most believers have been taught? Jesus predicted that most believers would be confused about the timing of His return. Part #2 of our three part series on the Rapture examines the specific signs that determine the timing of the return of Jesus Christ.

The Rapture! Why The Confusion?

What does the Bible say about the Rapture? What did Jesus teach about it? Why is there so much confusion? Marquis examines why what the Bible teaches about this event isn't very popular these days. Part 1 of 3.

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