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The Moral Dilemma Podcast #444 Interview w/Nelson Walters on Daniel Part #1

Marquis re-examines the most complicated prophecy in the Bible with author Nelson Walters. They discover some amazing things that make this weeks moral dilemma even more challenging; Would you speak up if your pastor was teaching something that contradicted Scripture?

Rapture: Case Closed? Interview w/Nelson Walters Part #3

When it comes to the rapture and the timing of the return of Jesus, many are teaching us to ignore Jesus’ own teachings. Part #3 of Marquis’ interview with Nelson Walters author of “Rapture: Case Closed?” examines these and other inconsistencies with popular teaching on this topic.

Rapture: Case Closed? Interview w/Nelson Walters Part #2

Marquis’ interview with author Nelson Walters about his book “Rapture: Case Closed?” continues. Nelson reveals the pattern of seven events that lead up to the rapture of the church. How does this teaching fit into what is commonly taught about this issue? What exactly did Jesus tell His disciples to “watch” for?

Rapture: Case Closed? Interview w/Nelson Walters Part #1

Teaching about the return of Jesus Christ for the Church is varied and confusing. Marquis hosts author Nelson Walters to discuss his book “Rapture: Case Closed?” Nelson examines the major views and exposes biblical inconsistencies in some of the most commonly taught ideas about the timing of the rapture.

The Future According to Jesus Part #12 God’s Judgement Poured Out

What does God’s Judgement look like? Marquis examines the “Day of The Lord”, when it starts and what to expect. God’s wrath will fall on those who have rejected His Son. But when will it begin, and what is the difference between God’s Wrath and man’s wrath?

The Future According to Jesus Part #11 What Is “The Day of The Lord”?


There are many signs Jesus taught us that would reveal the general timing of His return. But there is only one ultimate sign: The Day of The Lord. The prophets in the Old Testament wrote more about this sign than anything else dealing with the Messiah and His coming Kingdom. Why is it such a big deal? How can we know when to look for the signs of The Day of The Lord? Marquis examines these questions in part #11 of our series on The Future According to Jesus.