Free Resources During COVID-19 Shut-Downs


With so much taking place in the world right now, it’s more important than ever for believers to stay grounded in the Word of God and encouraged in their faith. We may be under orders to stay at home, but God’s Word is free to canvas the globe through livestream, airwaves, and internet signals! We invite you to use these free resources to strengthen the Body of Christ and call the lost to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Know that we love you and are praying for you and your congregations at this time.

Free Resources

Download a video performance of John 6 to watch and share with others.

Download a dramatized reading of the ESV New Testament.


Church is still in session — even if the doors of the church building are closed! Marquis is available to perform via livestream for your congregation, making your Easter or Pentecost Sunday services extra special.


Would you like to add a flair to your online services through dramatically performed segments of Scripture on topics like fear, loneliness, giving, etc.? Marquis can perform customized Scripture presentations of any length. Contact us to learn more about this high value but low cost way to spice up your service times.

Book Acts of the Word