1 Corinthians


The city of Corinth was at the heart of a primary trade rout in the ancient world. Like many cities that thrive on trade, Corinth had a reputation for sezual immorality, religious diversity, and corruption. The church that Paul planted there (Acts 18) floundered under all of these influences and began to divide over verious issues. First Corinthians addresses many of the practical questions dividing the church-questions concerning such things as spritual gifts, marriage, food offered to idols, and the ressurection. Paul urged the Corinthians to be unified and to give themselves fully to “the work of the Lord” (15:58). Chapter 13 includes a well-known passage o nthe nature and importance of love. Paul wrote this letter to the Corinthians from Ephesus in the spring of A.D. 55. Marquis reads from the ESV Bible.

Total running time: 75 Minutes.

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