2 Corinthians


Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians discusses some of the things previously addressed but also deals with new issues. While 1 Corinthians called for believers to be unified with each other, in 2 Corinthians Paul urges the church to be “unified” with him in his ministry. Paul’s opponents were undermining his work, claiming that his suffering (11:24-29) proved he was not a true apostle. Paul responds that his suffering highlights his dependence on Christ, as it points to Christ’s strength rather than his own. Second Corinthians includes stirring perspectives on the gospel (chs. 2-5), encouragements to holy living (chs. 6-7), and instructions about giving (chs. 8-9). Paul wrote from macedonia in A.D. 56, a year after writing 1 Corinthians. Marquis reads from the ESV Bible.

Total Running Time: 75 minutes.

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