70 Times 7: Daniel’s Mysterious Countdown and the Church’s Heroic Future


70 Times 7 is one of the most revolutionary books on eschatology in the last 20 years. Daniel’s “70 Weeks Prophecy” is the foundation of most Christian end time understanding. But what if Christian culture’s assumptions are mistaken and the “Prince who is to Come” ISN’T the Antichrist, the “Covenant with the Many” ISN’T a peace treaty, and a 360-day “prophetic year” ISN’T biblical. Instead what if the prophecy foretells a glorious and heroic future of the Church prior to the return of Jesus that no one is expecting!! Amazingly well researched and full of solid biblical exegesis, 70 Times 7 uncovers much of the mystery in the 70 Weeks Prophecy. Learn how the Dead Sea Scrolls provide us with a clear understanding of what first century Jews thought about the prophecy, that the historic dates of Jubilee years and Shmitah years are knowable and explain the prophecy, that the prophecy foretells the timing of the Rapture (pretrib, post-trib. or prewrath) and the ethnic identity of the Antichrist (and it ISN’T Roman). Finally, learn that Anderson’s countdown to the First coming was mistaken and there is a different, “precise” solution to the countdown. Read Nelson Walter’s landmark book, 70 Times 7, and find out the shocking answers to these and other eschatological mysteries.

70 Times 7 is a must-read for all believers who long to understand Daniel’s prophecy and have a sincere desire to prepare for the final “week.”

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