Jesus: An Interview Across Time


IMAGINE THAT YOU WERE GIVEN THE opportunity to interview Jesus, the most remarkable human being of all time. What would you ask? What would he say? That is the premise of this book by psychiatrist Dr. Andrew G. Hodges, a man accustomed to interviewing people about their lives, motives, hopes and fears. The questions are those you or I might ask; the answers are given as if Jesus were sitting beside us, chatting leisurely on a hill in modern Galilee. Thus, he can site C.S. Lewis or Sigmund Freud, as well as give us his first impressions of Peter. By gleaning information from both the New and Old Testament Scriptures, Dr. Hodges gives us an idea of what Jesus was like as a person. A biblically accurate and emotionally powerful recreation of Jesus’ life from birth to resurrection! With more than 15 hours of content, you’ll understand Jesus, and be encouraged by Him like never before!

Running Time: More than 900 minutes

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