Overcomer by Kristen Wisen


You wake up one morning, go to work, and everything is as it should be. But a surprise press conference halfway around the world is all it could take to turn your life upside down.

What will it be like during the reign of the Anitichrist? And how will he entice or force men and women to take his mark?

Overcomer is the second novel by Kristen Wisen, author of The Appearing. Following the same international timeline as her first book, Wisen throws the reader ahead into the final days before the return of Christ, spinning a tale of faith, love, and deception, while also challenging the reader to visit their own beliefs and preparation for this time. (381 pages)

“Kristen Wisen has vividly revealed the condition of the church and the world just prior to Christ’s return. An entertaining and biblical crashcourse that will prepare you for the not-so-distant future when Christians will be hunted for profit. Are you an Overcomer?”

-Marquis Laughlin-Founder and President, Acts of The Word Ministries

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