Rapture: Case Closed


Will Christians face the Antichrist or be raptured first?

If Christians won’t face him, those teaching them that they will may be needlessly scaring seekers out of our pews.

If Christians will face him, millions will be woefully unprepared for the greatest challenge in Church history.

Every church, every ministry, and every believer acts based on when they THINK the Rapture will occur.

Is there NEW BIBLICAL EVIDENCE that will crack this “cold-case” wide-open and finally solve the Rapture timing mystery? (300 plus pages)

The Author Nelson Walters is the Director of Gospel in the End Times Ministries, dedicated to helping The Church fulfill her God-Ordained call in the Last Days. He is the author of Are We Ready for Jesus? (2015) and Revelation Deciphered (2016). A popular blogger, he exhorts and encourages millions on the blog The Gospel in the End Times.

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