The Bible Collection


This thumb drive is packed with resources designed to build you confidence in God’s Word. And you can copy, send, and share all four of these resources over and over again;

The Story of The Bible: This is a 2 hour video documentary hosted by Marquis Laughlin that takes you on a journey through time to show you how the Bible came to be. Who translated it, and how we know it’s authentic, accurate, and authoritative. Marquis examines real biblical artifacts that were critical to proving the accuracy of the text. You’ll have the scientific and historical evidence to prove that the Bible is what it claims to be: The Word of God.

The ESV New Testament Audiobook: Marquis Laughlin dramatically narrates the entire New Testament (all 27 books) in the English Standard Version of the Bible. Spending more time of the Bible is easy now. All you have to do is listen.

The How To Memorize Anything Seminar: Marquis Laughlin teaches you how to approach memorizing scripture in the hour long audio seminar.

From Text To Stage, To Screen: How to bring scripture to life is an hour long seminar taught by Marquis Laughlin designed to help you make any presentation powerful and more effective.