The Bible Live Collector’s Edition


This special Collector’s Edition comes personally autographed by Marquis Laughlin and contains more than 9 hours worth of content!
“The Bible Live Collectors Edition” is a 6 DVD set with 2 bonus CD’s and includes…

1) Revelation: The dramatic presentation of the entire book of Revelation on DVD (ESV)
2) Acts of The Apostles: The Birth of Christianity on DVD (ESV)
3) According to John: 20 Stories from John’s Gospel on DVD (ESV)
4) Daniel: Stories from the Book of Daniel chapters 1-6 on DVD (ESV)
5) Genesis: The Story of Abraham on DVD (NIV)
6) The Scriptorium: The Story of The Bible DVD. Marquis hosts this nearly 3 hour documentary about the origin, transmission, and translation of the Bible. Great for anyone who has doubts about the Bible!
7) How To Memorize Anything. The Fast, Fun, and Easy Way! (CD) Marquis reveals his tips and techniques for memorizing huge portions of Scripture in his most popular seminar.
8) From Text, to Stage, To Television: Bringing Scripture to Life. (CD) Marquis shares methods for making written words come to life. How to connect with your audience. How to make what you are saying relevant and remembered.

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