The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved: Take Another Look, The Bible Has The Answer


“All scripture is given by the inspiration of God” (1Tim 3:16a). Because the record of scripture is true, ideas that are contrary to the facts in scripture must be false. Nevertheless, the Bible lets us know that the traditions of men can deceive people into believing ideas that are not in the word of God. This is book one of a two-part series called “A Better Bible Study Method” that emphasizes the importance of comparing scripture with scripture when studying the Bible to determine what is true vs. tradition.

In the Bible “the disciple whom Jesus loved” is identified as the writer of the fourth gospel. He had access to the palace of the high priest, was the first one who “believed” after Jesus’ resurrection, and some thought that he would not die. Scripture never identified this unnamed disciple as John-in spite of the biblical evidence to the contrary.

The truth in this case of the Bible vs. Tradition is found in scripture, and is the only source quoted in the book. True integrity demands a hearing for the biblical evidence. Understanding what the Bible teaches about this issue gives us insight into the importance of relying on scripture as the key to a better Bible study method.


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