Emotionally and Intellectually
Content-Rich Presentations


True to the Word

Each live presentation is a recitation of Scripture


Performed with Excellence

A top-notch theatrical presentation makes the Word come alive


Inspiring Lives

Regularly people say they will never read Scripture the same way


The Perfect Special Event

Your audience is going to love this experience!

Christ’s Death & Resurrection Comes Alive

Consider bringing Marquis to minister John’s Gospel: an intimate eyewitness account giving unquestionable proof that Jesus is God.


”A deeply moving and profound spiritual experience. I was brought to tears!”
Matt Doan
Associate Pastor, Calvary Church, Santa Ana, CA
“Impressive, inspiring, an unbelievable spiritual experience.”
Pastor William Haddock
Wrightsboro UMC, Wilmington, NC
"I couldn't believe it. I said ‘That's the Bible?' It was an emotional roller coaster! I'll never read my Bible the same way again.”
Pastor Gerry LaFond
River of Life Community Church, Tolland, CT
“Everyone was blown away!”
Rabbi Jonathan Cohn
Beth Israel Fellowship, Garfield, NJ
”You could have heard a pin drop!”
Tim Wildmon
American Family Radio Network Host
"I've worked with Marquis in several different settings. The result is always the same, Can we have him again? His remarkable presentation of the Bible seems to jump off the pages into your heart and soul. He is easy to work with and is a man of integrity. I urge you to invite him for a ministry in your church. Get ready for God's Spirit to move.“
Pastor Jim Henry
Biltmore Baptist Church, Arden, NC

Live Performances

The story of God's foundational relationship with mankind is brought to life. From the creation of the world, the fall, and the flood, to the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah and Abraham's sacrifice. Performed using the NIV Translation (Chapters 1-22, edited) in two 30-minute acts.
The Bible Live A.D.
Covers the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of the Messiah. Introduces the birth of the church, and concludes with the return of the Messiah and the restoration of all of creation. Scriptures from John's Gospel, Acts, 2 Thessalonians, and Revelation. Performed using the NIV, and ESV in one 45-minute act.
The amazing characters and stories from the book of Daniel come to life, as God uses Daniel's character to shine light in a dark secular society. Performed using the NIV translation (Chapters 1-6, entire) in two 25-minute acts.
Acts of the Apostles
This powerful sequel to Luke's Gospel includes the ascension of Jesus, the birth of the church, and the dramatic conversion of Paul. Performed using the ESV translation in two 30-minute acts.
John's Gospel
In an intimate eyewitness account, John uses seven carefully selected events, to give unquestionable proof that Jesus is God. Performed using the NIV translation (Chapters 1-20, edited) in two 45-minute acts.
The Bible Live B.C.
Covers the Creation, Fall, Flood, and promise to Abraham, the Exodus and history of Israel, predictions of the Messiah, and the story of His birth. (45 minutes) Scriptures from Genesis, Exodus, Luke, & John. Performed in one 45-minute act.
Encounter John the Apostle as he vividly recounts a detailed vision of the return of Jesus Christ and the end of days. From God's harrowing judgment, to the glorious heavenly city, Revelation is at once the best and worst news you'll ever hear. Performed using the NIV translation Chapters 1-22, entire) two 45-minute acts.