2 Peter


Peter probably wrote this letter from a Roman prison about A.D. 67-68, shortly before his death. Twisted versions of Christian truth were being taught, which Peter describes in vivid terms (ch. 2). Recalling his firsthand experience of Christ’s glory at the Transfiguration (1:17-18), Peter explains the “more sure” truth of the gospel as an antidote to heresy. The gospel is like “a lamp shining in a dark place” (1:19). In chapter 3 Peter focuses on those who scoff at the idea of Christ’s triumphant return and the final judgement. Just as God once destroyed the earth with water, he will one day destroy it with fire. In light of this, we should live in “holiness and godliness” as we await his return and the salvation he has promised to all believers. Marquis reads from the ESV Bible.

Total running time: 6 minutes.